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At first glance, training seems simple to everyone. You go to the gym, try out a few machines with short cardio and think you’ve done a great workout. But such exercise, without plans and rules can do you a lot of harm. In the text below, I will describe the biggest mistakes that exercisers make, and if you recognize that you do it too and learn how to avoid them – you will be able to achieve your goals with your training. Find an exercise program that fits your goals or create a personal plan with the help of a trainer. The best program is one that is fun, safe and effective in achieving your goals. Make sure your training plan follows the following steps:

You do not start training with effective warm-up

Before starting each workout, it is necessary to do a good warm-up of the body, which should last about 10 minutes. When you raise your heart rate and body temperature, you are more ready for active training and you have reduced potential injuries possible during more intense exercises.

You change exercises too fast

Repeating the same workout every day becomes boring, but drastic changes in exercise can slow down the path to the desired results and make your training less effective. Find an interesting program, which will have certain new exercises on certain days, but try to stick to it for at least 2 months.

You only do sit-ups

Everyone wants to have a flat stomach or plates on the stomach, so it often happens that they neglect other muscle groups because of the stomach. Abdominal muscles, like any other muscle group, need rest. It takes 2 to 3 days for the muscle tissue to regenerate. So while resting your abdominal muscles, activate your back or chest muscles.

Forget to stretch

It is necessary to stretch the muscles after each training. This will help you avoid muscle pain, and you will also work on elasticity.

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