Top 5 Must Haves For Your Next Hiking Adventure

By sidranoreen

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Hiking is a recreational exercise that aides your physical fitness as well as promote good mental health. When on a hike nature gives one the sense of freedom, relaxation and adventure. It is also an amusing and entertaining way to explore nature with friends and family, or even by yourself.

The following list is the top 5 things that you should ensure you take with you for your next hiking adventure.

#5 Water Bottle

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A water bottle is an incredibly important thing to have on a hiking trip. It is very easy to get dehydrated when you are out on the trail. Many times a hiker may not even notice how much they are sweating due to cooler temperatures or their pace. Therefore, it is recommended to always have water on-hand and to take sips often from your bottle to keep you hydrated.

Depending on temperature and environment you may even need to carry an extra water bottle with you. You should always refill your water bottle whenever you get a chance either from natural streams or designated potable water sources. Buy a durable bottle that doesn’t leak or break when dropped, and you will have exactly what you need to stay hydrated out on the trail.

#4 Navigation

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GPS devices and phone apps that provide navigation are excellent accessories to take with you when hiking. Having navigation tools will definitely assist you from getting lost on the trails or just help you find your way on your trek.

However, you should always carry a map and trusty compass in your hiking bag. Electronic navigation devices can suffer from a lost signal or depleted batteries. Just having these two navigation tools in your bag as a backup can provide a peace of mind when it comes to finding your way.

No matter which navigation tools you use always ensure they are reliable, lightweight and durable. Always check batteries or power sources before leaving out, and always store your navigation tools in a waterproof bag to keep them dry and protected.

#3 Sun Protection

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The importance of sun protection when you are on the trail can not be emphasized enough. You should always have it with you on your back country trips even when the weather appears cloudy or the temperature is cooler.

Sunscreen, SPF lip balm, sunglasses (preferably polarized), a brimmed hat and protective clothing should be considered a crucial part of any hiking trip. Harmful sun rays and other conditions like snow blindness can be harmful to you if these crucial items are left behind.

#2 Rain Gear / Light Jacket

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You should always pack a lightweight hooded jacket and rain protection for every hiking trip despite the weather forecast. Weather can change quickly on the trail and having these basic clothing items stashed in your bag will be greatly appreciated if needed.

A lightweight jacket added as a layer can keep you comfortable if the temperature drops – especially if your trek continues into the night. Avoid materials made from cotton because they will take too much time to dry if they were to get wet. Always carry and wear materials that dry quickly and manage perspiration. Doing so will not only keep dry from unfavorable weather but also wick away moisture as you sweat.

#1 Nutrition

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The number one thing you will definitely need when hiking is nourishment. When preparing for a hike make sure to bring enough calories with you to maintain your energy levels throughout your trek. Snack bars, dried fruits or nuts make for great food sources when you hike.

However, you don’t have to stick to only healthy choices. You could pack a more appetizing lunch, such as sandwiches, chips or your favorite snack. Longer hikes will require calorie-rich foods to ensure you are getting enough nutrients needed to complete your day on the trails.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you don’t have to have any of the above items to start a new hiking adventure but you will not make it very far and definitely may not be as comfortable as you like on your trek. Carrying these 5 items with you will not only ensure you have a great day on the trails, but could potentially save you from harmful circumstances when taking on the wild outdoors.

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