Fitness Training

man running in park near lake

Make Running More Enjoyable

Running helps with being fitter, losing weight and allows you to spend more time outside. That said, for some it’s just too unbearable to stick with or do consistently…

two bodybuilders showing off muscles

Bodybuilding: The Basics

This is one discipline where you can’t fake it, because the proof is in the results. You have to study and train like a pro as well as have the diet of a bodybuilding pro…

Greek statue of a Hercules

Some Truths About Gaining Muscle

The reason weight training is good for losing weight is that building muscle increases your metabolism. Increased metabolism helps to burn calories, which in turns takes the weight off…

woman doing a yoga pose outside

How Excercise Affects Energy

One of the best ways to enhance your energy levels by far is to become more active and to participate in an exercise routine. An active lifestyle will give you a boost and add years to your life…

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