Basic Mountain Bike Accessories

By GetFitFocus

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For beginning mountain bicycle riders, they might discover it extremely frustrating going into a cycling shop to buy their first bike. Even after reading mountain bike evaluations, as soon as you go into the store and have a look at the numerous accessories and bikes that are provided, it can overwhelm you very easily.

You can purchase lots of different mountain bike accessories and products. That is why it is essential to set a spending plan so that you are able to determine what is most relevant to you and what is actually required to begin your mountain cycling journey.


1. Helmet

This is the most important thing to purchase for mountain biking, or any cycling for that matter. Never ride your bike without a helmet. Ther have been many bike riders that have received severe head injuries because they chose not to wear a helmet. Mountain bike helmets can be trendy and comfortable. You will quickly notice everybody else who is riding the trails is using a bike helmet also.

2. Gloves

Your hands can get rather irritated when riding your mountain bike, no matter what time of the year it may be. If you are a newbie then you may find that you grip the handlebars rather tightly, which can aggravate your hands. If you ever crash more than likely your hands will be the first thing that will probably make contact with the ground. By using moutain bike gloves, you will be helping to safeguard your hands.

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3. Proper Clothing

You will discover that mountain biking can be really unpleasant to your bottom. Mountain bicycle shorts can assist to keep your bottom from getting irritated and help with aching. Your body and bottom will get utilized a lot when riding, therefore ensure to have the proper clothing that will allow for proper movement and minimize friction.

4. Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are selected according to what type of bike pedals you have and what kind of bike riding you plan to do. You will need to choose shoes that will work well with your bike pedals if your bike uses clipless pedals. Convenience and sturdiness are the main goals in mountain bike shoes. If you require more power then you will want to choose a pair with a stiff sole for more effective pedaling.

5. Eye Protection

You can not see the path to ride on if something gets in your eye. You can keep dirt, wind and debris from your eyes by wearing clear-lensed protective glasses or sunglasses.Ensure that you choose glasses that are non-breakable for maximum usage and safety.

6. Hydration

Keeping yourself hydrated is really crucial. Bring a water hydration backpack or water bottle, which will assist you from avoiding dehydration. Staying hydrated allows you to have more energy and stamina — and this means more miles on the trail.

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7. Bike Repair Kit

You can end up being stuck on the trail if you have a problem and you do not have the proper supplies to repair your bike. It is important to have a bike-repair multi-tool and a tire kit for flat tires. Being prepared can help to keep you safe and avoid being stranded on the trail.


As you can see you really only need a few basic items, in addition to your bike, to have a safe and fun time on the moutain bike trails. Having the basic needs covered will allow you to assess if you really need some of the trendy cycling gadgets out today. You can have a sporting time out on the trails if you have the recommeded items above.

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