Some Truths About Gaining Muscles

By GetFitFocus

There are many reasons why people are attracted to having a built body. One of the most popular reasons is that people like to add muscles because of the way it makes them look. Muscle gain is also popular among those who want to lose weight. The reason weight training is good for losing weight is that building muscle increases your metabolism. Increased metabolism helps to burn calories, which in turns takes the weight off.

Some use bodybuilding as a career choice because they love the competitions, intense training and the excitement of the sport. No matter what your reason is for weight training to add muscle there are some important things to keep in mind while doing it. It is easy to become confused about what you hear or read concerning this topic. There are many myths floating around. Knowing fact from fiction can help you to make good decisions regarding your workouts. This will lead to success adding muscle to your frame.

plate with different cuts of meats and protein
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Understanding proper diet can aid you in gaining muscle. Many people make the mistake of thinking that all foods containing fat are bad for your body when strength train. The real truth is that a proper balance of fat and other food groups can accelerate your physical development.

It can also be underestimated concerning how important protein is to gaining muscle. On average you should consume 1.2 g of protein per lb. of body-weight. Protein alone is not the only important nutritional component of gaining muscle. Achieving the adequate ratio of carbohydrate to protein consumption is also important.

Those professionals who value being healthy will tell you that good training principles include the understanding that you need to combine a nutrient-rich diet with the proper amount of rest. This combo will give you the edge you need to create the body that family and friends will envy.

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It is a misconception that you should work faster or do more reps to build muscle. The truth is that you need to rest and workout for best results. A good schedule is to alternate workout days with rest days, or only work specific muscle groups on consecutive days.

Many beginners will make the mistake of thinking that the more reps you complete, the more equipment time or dumbbell time you log, the faster you build muscle. A major principle of building muscle is that it is important to workout until the muscle is fatigued.

Each set is different and depending on what exercise you are doing. You may actually fatigue muscle fibers in just one set. You should concentrate on creating the kind of intensity in your workout that will allow you to drop or break-down sets. Do this so that you can actually rep out. Try lowering the weight and then continue reps until you either cannot complete another rep or you run out of weight.


When you know the true facts about gaining muscle, then you can use them in your workout plan to give you a healthier and more productive workout. Building muscle requires discipline, for that matter all fitness training does. You need true discipline to get the results you desire – and you get by training both body and mind.

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