Workout Motivation Tip

By GetFitFocus

woman looking tired and unmotivated
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Try these tricks when you are having a hard time focusing or being motivated to do fitness training.

First, try to forget about why you’re going to the gym and just enjoy being there so that it’s its own reward. Do the exercises you really love. When I’m really low on motivation I just go and hit the heavy bag which I enjoy. Before you know it I am in the mood to get some serious work done.

If you are feeling really low on energy and can’t get motivated to hit the gym, then try a psychological technique called ‘Priming’. Priming is watching or experiencing something that motivates or moves you. The Rocky 4 training montage tends to do the trick for me.

This technique can be used in other aspects of your life also. Some use it to overcome procrastination. If you need to do something creative then take in something that puts you in your genius or creative mode. It sounds simple but when we feel driven to do something it actually has a positive effect on our energy levels.

It triggers a neurochemical/hormonal response and tells your body and mind that what you’re doing matters and is important. So if you have those days like I do, then try these tricks to get going. We all know, once the sweat starts then it is usually on from that point.

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