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bike riding in foothills
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Visiting a new city or adventure destination can be soothing for the soul. A great way to take in the local atmosphere is by biking. Biking vacations have become increasingly popular in recent years. That’s right, some people plan vacations where they can either bring their bike or rent one locally to cruise around. The United States offers so many beautiful places to ride, whereas it can be hard to choose where to start when looking for a great bike vacation destination. Here is a list of some awesome places to bring your bike and get the most out of your vacation.

black diamond lake

Black Diamond Coal Mines, Washington State

Black Diamond is one of the coolest places in the American West and a favorite destination spot in the Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is incredible on its own and riding the trails through Ravensdale Creek and Lake Sawyer is an incredible way to experience it. Outdoor vacations rule in the Northwest and if you are looking to take your bike you have to go to the Coal Mines.

hagg lake oregon

Hagg Lake, Oregon

This particular 15 mile trek consists of all the components of a Hollywood setting. It has a variety of twists and turns, smooth trails, creek crossings and swimming holes. The ride is not so tough that you won’t be able to take in the local sites afterwards, but I would think twice about bringing young children.

napa valley ca
Photo by Ugi K. on Unsplash

Napa Valley, California

Known for its ability to produce some of the world’s greatest wines, Napa Valley California is also a phenomenal place to ride your bike. The rolling hills of some of the world’s best vineyards provide a relaxing backdrop for a nice relaxing bike ride.

Mount St. Helena North Peak is one of the most amazing places in California to enjoy a ride. The zen feeling that comes with getting lost in the foothills is exhilarating. If you enjoy wine and your bike, then this place is not to be missed. Just make sure to do your drinking after your ride.

monterey california

Monterey, California

California really does have an incredible amount to offer. Not far from the amazing valley of Napa are the seaside hamlets of Monterey County. The cliffs above the Pacific Ocean provide great views while resting as you bike the scenic 17 Mile Drive. This ride may test the will of beginners, because it goes from sea level up to 150 feet. However, it can still be conquered by anyone in decent  bike riding shape. 

I recommend starting in Pacific Grove, especially in the fall. This is when millions of monarch butterflies make their stop in Monterey during their migration to Mexico. What an amazing way to begin a bike ride.

Kona, Hawaii

If you love bike riding, Kona, HI is a place that simply can not be missed. The juxtaposition of black lava rock and lush greenery makes you feel like you are riding your bike on another planet. The bike trails in Kona are a great way to experience the landscape up close and personal. 

This is one of those amazing places where you can go for a thrilling bike ride and then go snorkeling – all in the same day. If you choose Kona, HI as a bike vacation destination you will surely have the time of your life.


Hopefully you can visit all the places we discussed. Each are incredible locations on their own, but just imagine cruising around on your two-wheel machine enjoying the views and sights. 

Being able to be outside on your bike seems to cleanse the soul and helps to put everything in perspective. Try these bike vacation favs. Enjoy!

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