Kobo 1 H.P Motorised Fitness Treadmill

  • 1 HP motor green efficient dc motor which gives peak power up to 2 HP
  • Maximum user weight capacity – walking – 100 kg, running – 80 kg
  • Running surface (l x w) – 39.37 x 15.75 inches, 1000 x 400mm, weight of treadmill is 29 kg
  • 3 year motor warranty, but we recommend to use voltage stabilizer for more life
  • Space treadmill acquire after assembly (length 1430 mm x width 635 mm x height 1065 mm) (l 56.29 inches x w 25 inches x h 41.92 inches)
  • Speed range of 0.8 to 10 km/h with heart rate sensors on handle and fat measure programme
  • Includes USB and aux input for music and high quality speakers



Product description

The California Fitness Malibu 2421 is the smallest folding treadmill of the Malibu Series and the silent, stealthy and subtle motor will have you walking to the beat of your own drum. The space-saver is the perfect compact treadmill to begin walking in your home or office.

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