Home Gym: Top 3 Mistakes When Training From Home

By GetFitFocus

Training from home can help you get better results from your workouts 9 times out of 10. Why? Because there’s no commute, there’s no need to feel self-conscious and you can easily fit in your training around your routine and schedule. If you have a home gym, then you can opt to do a quick 10 minute workout anytime you choose. This is something you just can’t do if you’re training at a gym 20 minutes away.

However, home gyms aren’t perfect. If you don’t know how to attack home workouts properly, it’s easy to do yourself a disservice. Read on then and we’ll take a look at a few of the biggest mistakes people make when training from home. Learn what and how you can avoid those problems.

1. Having the TV On

One common issue when training from home is that you have all of your amenities and entertainment around you. Some think that they can make their workouts more interesting and enjoyable by having the TV on.

The minute you do this though, you just pretty much sealed your own fate. One of the most important things of all when training is that you are completely engaged with your training. Feel your muscles working, watch them working and dive into your energetic movements.

When you approach training like this, you will be guaranteed to naturally put in more effort and see faster results. It is hard to achieve this type of focus when training with the television on. You are constantly distracted by looking up and generally not paying attention to what you’re doing.

2. Not Pushing Yourself Enough

Another issue when working out at home is that a lot of people will not push themselves hard enough. The simple reason for this is that they don’t have enough challenging equipment at home. They don’t have a squat rack, weight bench or any of the other gym resources. So they end up just doing the bare minimum.

This isn’t enough. To trigger muscle growth, you need to feel the burn and the pump. Granted, this is still possible with no equipment. However, you just need to be a little more inventive and creative in the way you’re going to accomplish it!

dumbbells, sneakers and jump rope
Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

3. Having a Gym You Need to Set Up

Perhaps the worst mistake of all is creating a home gym that you need to set up each time you workout. In other words, if you have a gym that consists of things that are behind wardrobes or need configuring. Are things hard to reach? If so, then there’s a good chance you won’t be easily convinced to train.

A home gym needs to be convenient so that you will utilize it. If should not take a lot of time to get started because you have to recreate your workout environment each time you train. You simply will get in the habit of making excuses not to do it if so. It is very important that you can easily get started and move through your session without too much hassle.

The great thing about a home gym is that it’s right there. If you have a bench conveniently located, then that means that you can simply hop on it and start pressing. This makes all the difference to your training frequency and results. Therefore, make sure that you are taking full advantage of this with a gym that’s ready to go whenever you are!

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